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Pleasure Crafts

Pleasure crafts, are yachts or other types of vessels used exclusively for recreation and are not engaged in any commercial operations, irrespective of size.

EF-MA novelseas Ltd provides high Quality Services for Pleasure Crafts which include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Initial Conceptual Design

2. Design Work

3. Supervision of Construction (New Buildings)

4. Performance of Inclining Experiment

5. Performance of Sea Trials

6. Preparation of Complete Technical Files for Vessels 

[which include all required Drawings / Plans and Calculations (including Intact and Damage Stability Calculations)]

 7. Condition Evaluation Surveys

 8. Technical Consultancy


Important Note:

*Pleasure Crafts up to 24 metres in length

Pleasure crafts up to 24 metres in length must comply with the provisions of the Basic Requirements (Recreational Craft) Regulations of 2003 (P.I. 307/2003), as amended, which incorporate the European Union Directive 94/25/EC.

**Pleasure Crafts over 24 metres in length

Pleasure crafts over 24 metres in length should have a valid class certificate from a recognized organization.



Registration under the Cyprus Flag Administration

1. A Pleasure Craft  not exceeding 25 years of age may be registered without any additional conditions. 

A Pleasure Craft of over 25 years of age may be registered provided it undergoes an entry inspection which is completed with satisfactory results.

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