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Coastal Passenger & Small Passenger Vessels

novelseas provides high Quality Services for Coastal Passenger Vessels*, Small Passenger Vessels**, as well as for Landing Crafts*** which include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Initial Conceptual Design

2. Design Work

3. Supervision of Construction (New Buildings)

4. Performance of Inclining Experiment

5. Performance of Sea Trials

4. Preparation of Complete Technical Files for Vessels

[which include all required Drawings / Plans and Calculations (including Intact and Damage Stability Calculations)]

5. Condition Evaluation Surveys

6. Technical Consultancy


*Coastal Passenger Vessels, are those vessels carrying fare-paying passengers on coastal trips, irrespective of size.

**Small Passenger Vessels, are passenger vessels with suitable facilities for carrying up to 12 passengers in international voyages.

***Landing Crafts, are those vessels of specific design and steel construction, which are aimed primarily to carry passengers and vehicles and are capable of landing them on the beach.


Registration of Coastal Passenger Vessels, Small Passenger Vessels and Landing Crafts, under the Cyprus Flag Administration

Coastal Passenger Vessels, Small Passenger Vessels as well as Landing Crafts, may be Registered under the Cyprus Flag Administration, as specified below:

  • A motor vessel in this category up to 25 years, propelled primarily using an internal combustion engine
  • or a sailing vessel in this category (with or without an auxiliary propulsion engine not exceeding 7.5KW (10HP)) irrespective of age
  • or a Landing craft, irrespective of age

may be registered under the Cyprus Flag Administration provided, where it is required by legislation that the vessel should comply with the ISM Code, it is operated by a shipmanagement company having its principal place of business in the EU, which is certificated for compliance with the ISM Code.

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