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In 2016, the upcoming entry into force of the EU Shipping CO2 Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification Regulation (2018) and of the global IMO Fuel Consumption Data Collection System (2019) made actions for compliance with them a priority issue for all parties concerned (Ship Owners / Ship management companies, Independent Verifiers, Flag Administrations).

For EF-MA novelseas Ltd, this was an opportunity to put in effect its team members (maritime professionals and IT experts) knowledge, experience and individual capabilities.

The result, was the design and development of the Syndeseas Integrated Solution:

an integrated software for Shipping Green House Gas Emissions Reporting & Verification, serving all regulatory requirements and all involved parties needs at the same time, making compliance easy for all.

Among other achievements, Syndeseas:

-was the 1st award winners of Developmental Entrepreneurship (Digital Championship Cyprus 2017)

-represented Cyprus at Ideas from Europe 2017 competition (Tallinn, Estonia)

-was selected as the start-up to represent Cyprus at the inauguration of CEG COIN innovation centre (joint Cyprus, Greece and Egypt Initiative) in Alexandria, Egypt

-is a proud alumni team of IDEA Cy 2017

The Syndeseas Integrated Solution is currently managed by Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd.

For more details on the Syndeseas Integrated Solution, please visit:

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